Delete Account

If user want to delete their BBM Account, please do these following steps :

  1. Click ‘More’ tab from Avatar Icon on top left corner

  1. Tap on ‘General’ in Settings

  1. Then tab on ‘Delete Account’ button

  1. You will be direct to the Delete Account page
  2. Insert your 'Email Address' and 'Password' if you are signing up with Email

  1. Insert your 'Phone Number' if you are signing up with Phone Number

  1. You will receive 'Verification Code' via SMS
  2. Then enter your verification code

  1. Tap 'Delete Account' button

  1. Tap 'Ok' button to delete your account

Note : Once your account is deleted, the following information will be lost and cannot be recovered:

  • BBM contacts
  • Purchases in your BBM

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