With DANA you can do any transactions whatever and wherever so easily through your mobile phone.

Activate DANA

You must activate your DANA account before you can do any transactions, it require an active phone number.

  1. Tap  (Discover).
  2. In the top screen, tap “Activate”.

  3. Tap “Next” to continue after reading a brief info about DANA.

  4. Tap "Accept" to allow request permissions from DANA for viewing your email address, profile information and your phone number.

  5. Input your active phone number as your DANA ID. System will send verification code to your phone number.

  6. Input verification code that you received. Wait until the verification is successful.


  7. Next, you will be asking to input PIN number to be used for payments.

  8. Re-enter your DANA PIN number to continue.

  9. DANA activate process is complete.

  10. For further information, please contact or 1500445 for inbound call

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