DANA is an electronic wallet and a new payment solution that provides a variety of payment services in BBM. This new service is available in the Discover BBM menu, enables quick and easy transactions for Android and iOS users without having to sign out of the BBM app. This application is for Indonesia market only.

DANA Account Registration

Existing BBM User

You must activate your DANA account before you can do any transactions, it requires an active phone number. Here's how you do it:

  1. Tap ‘DANA’ or ‘Discover’ on the BBM app. DANA will be on top of the page

  2. Enter your mobile number that will be registered as your DANA ID

  3. Enter the OTP code sent to your SMS through your registered mobile number in DANA

  4. Enter your name that will be displayed as your DANA account name.
  5. Create your DANA PIN by entering 6 digit numerical.
  6. Enter your DANA PIN again to confirm.

New BBM User

DANA account will be automatically created for new BBM user once they successfully registered their BBM account in the latest BBM app. DANA PIN should be created to access DANA. Follow these steps to create your DANA PIN:

  1. Tap ‘DANA’ or ‘Discover’ on the BBM app.
  2. Tap your DANA balance.

  3. Tap ‘gear’ icon on the top of the page.

  4. Tap ‘Activate Now’ to continue.

  5. Create your DANA PIN by entering 6 digit numerical
  6. Enter your DANA PIN again to confirm

Note: Indonesian market only

For further information, please contact or 1500445 for inbound call


Change the Discover tab into DANA tab with separate sections for DANA and BBM services.

Note: Indonesian market only

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