Introduction to Groups

Start a Group Chat With Extended Features
Invite More People
Leave a Group Chat

You can chat in real time with a group of BBM contacts. You can also share pictures, voice notes, your location, and other files. There are multiple different ways to create a group, but there are two main types of groups: groups with extended features and multiperson chat (groups without extended features).

A standard group chat can include up to 250 people, including yourself. If you use the topics, events, and lists features, the group chat can include up to 50 people, including yourself.

You can also enhance your group chat with topics, events, and lists. You can plan calendar events with a group, track to-do lists, and start multiple chat topics within a group chat. For example, you can confirm your plans in a group chat and then create an appointment or checklist that everyone in the group chat can see. You can choose to use these features when you start a new group chat.

Start a Group Chat With Extended Features

There is only one way to create a group that extended features. These extended features include lists, events, and topics. In order to use these extended features, the creator of the group must have enabled these features while starting the group chat. This setting cannot be changed after creating the group in the future.

  1. On the Chats screen,  tap or .
  2. Tap Start Group Chat.
  3. Type a name for the group chat.
  4. Tap the contacts that you want to chat with.
  5. Check the Use Group Calendar and Lists checkbox.
  6. Tap Done.

Invite More People

You can always invite more people to your group.

  1. In a group chat, tap  .
  2. Tap the method of adding you wish to use, including “add by barcode scan”, “Add by pin”, “add bbm contact”, or “add by email”
  3. Tap Done.

Clear Chat without Leave Group

Please do the following steps to clear chat without leave group :

  1. Open BBM 
  2. Choose group then swipe to the left side 

  1. Tab 'Clear'

  1. Then tab 'Clear Chat' button

Leave a Group Chat

Please do these steps if you want to leave a group chat.

  1. In a group chat, tap ‘Group Info’ 
  2. Tap ‘Leave Group’ link then will be displayed a warning message as below.
  3. Tab ‘Leave’ button to leave a group

  1. Or from tab ‘Chat’ choose a group that you want to leave then slide to the left
  2. Tap ‘Leave’ button then will be displayed warning message as below
  3. Tap ‘Leave Chat’ button to leave chat

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