Send a Broadcast Message

You can send the same message to multiple contacts with the broadcast message feature, but we delete the "Select All" function with the aim of complying with the latest Apple Guidelines (Rule number 5.1.2 Data Use and Sharing - point V)  which disallows any applications perform "Select All" to send messages.

For more information, you can go to this link: 

But you can use Category Option in Contact Menu to send Broadcast Message to multiple contacts. Please follow these steps :

  1. Tap ‘Contact’ tab, then choose ‘Category’

  1. Create New Category to send broadcast message by tapping ‘Add’ button, then fill in the category name.

  1. Select contact by giving ‘Checklist’ sign.

  1. Next tab ‘Chats’ tab then tap  icon then tab ‘New Broadcast Message’.

  1. Tap button, then ‘Checklist’ on selected category, next fill in broadcast message then tap ‘Send’ button. 

Note : you cannot retract or delete broadcast messages.

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