Join a BBM channel

Invite people to a channel
Comment on a channel post
Chat with a channel owner
Report content as inappropriate
Report a channel
Leave a channel

View, share, or comment on posts from people, brands, and services in BBM. You might also be able to start a BBM chat directly with the channel owner.

Tip: You can preview channels that you're thinking about joining.

  1. Tap 
  2. Tap Channels.
  3. Search or browse for a channel.
  4. Tap a channel.
  5. Tap Join.

Tip: to view the channel profile, proceed from step 4 and tap  > View Channel Profile.

Invite people to a channel

When you invite people to a channel or share a channel post, the message appears in a BBM chat.

  1. Do any of the following:
    • To invite someone in a public channel that you did not create, tap  and then 

    • To invite someone, in a public or private channel that you created, tap .

    • To share a channel post, touch and hold a post.  Tap > Share Post.

  2. Type a name or select a BBM contact.

Tip: You can also copy a post by touching and holding a post and tapping  > Copy Post.

Tip: You can also quickly share the channel’s barcode by going to their profile and tapping .

Tip: If you like a photo that a channel has posted, you can go to the post with the picture, tap on the picture. From here you can share the picture by tapping 

Comment on a channel post

Channel owners can restrict comments.

  1. In a BBM channel or on the Feeds screen, tap a post.
    • You do not need to go to a post to like it, you can tap  while on your feeds page to like a post

  2. Do any of the following:

    • To like the post, tap  .

    • To add a comment, type in the comment field.

  3. To reply to a comment, tap the specific comment. Tap .

Tip: On the Feeds screen, tap a channel picture to see the full image.

Chat with a channel owner

In the channel's profile, you can see when the channel owner is available to chat.

Note that you must have subscribed to the channel and the channel owner must be available to chat to start a chat with the channel owner. 

  1. In a channel, tap .
  2. Type your message or select an emoticon.
  3. Press the Send key.

When you end the chat, the channel owner can no longer reply to your message.

Tip: You are able to copy, email and end the chat with the channel by tapping  within the chat.

Report content as inappropriate

You can report a comment or a post to the channel owner if you think that the content is inappropriate or for mature audiences only. The channel owner might decide to delete the content.

  1. Tap to enter the post

  2. Do one of the following

    • Tap and hold a comment, and then tap to report it

    • Tapand then to report the post

To delete your complaint, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Report a channel

If you wish to report a channel, you can do so by doing the following:

  1. On the channel profile, tap 
  2. Tap Report Channel .

Tip: You can view your latest activity from the Channels screen by tapping Activity at the top. Here you can view notifications such as posts from favourited channels, and notifications from your channels.

Leave a channel

In a channel, tap   >  Leave Channel.

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