Report spam and scam messages

If you’ve received unwanted messages or requests, block the sender and report them as SPAM from your BBM menu or at Do not reply or forward these messages on.

Occasionally, you may receive messages claiming you have won money or a prize. The sender might even claim to be a BBM or Emtek employee. These are scam attempts.

BBM will never send you direct messages to announce a win. We will only publicise competitions and winners through official BBM channels –, BBM social media pages, and BBM bulletins.

Watch out for these common scam tactics:

  • The sender asks you to enter your username and password
  • The sender has made an unusual or unexpected request
  • The sender claims to be affiliated with BBM
  • The sender's profile looks unusual or suspicious
  • The message invites you to download a free video, image, or click on a link
  • The message claims you have won a reward from BBM or another user
  • The message implies that you'll suffer serious consequences if you don't respond to their requests immediately

Examples of scam attempts:

Scam messages claiming you have “won a reward”


False websites claiming to be Emtek

False contest results – never contact any numbers given to you online

False requests to pay “tax for winning a contest”

What to do if I receive these messages?

We advise you to block the sender, and report as SPAM from your BBM menu or at Please do not reply or forward these messages on.

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