Add a post to your BBM channel

Add a post

Posts can be 400 characters long and can include pictures. As the channel owner, you can see how many people have read, liked, or commented on your posts.
  1. In a channel that you created, tap JyyflaGaJiedjA8iBhbbHM7cLjCwAMLPAA.png.
  2. Type a post title and message.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • Add a picture.

      Tip: If you add a GIF, check the picture's properties as only pictures 2 MB (4000 pixels) or smaller will animate.

    • Add emoticons.
  4. Tap Post.


You can share posts from public channels in your channel, but you can't edit the post.

  1. In a channel or on the Feeds screen, tap a post.
  2. Tap ASfN-O3Q6AfqFRlmqJJIJwd3zCgrmPdAKQ.png.
  3. Select a channel to add the post to.

Delete a post or comment

As the channel owner, you can delete a post and all of its comments, delete a comment, and block a subscriber.

  1. Touch and hold a post or comment.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To delete the post or comment, tap bz7AjEnmx9iMfvpv5ViJs-SErVyHsTK26g.png.
    • To ignore a complaint, tap uTcbQ5fVNfhc_cnJHOUg-4HA08zgN4IcPw.png.
    • To block the subscriber from adding comments to the channel, tap ilTtlNqlqk_NHYoaCCzqjiISlcxc748z4A.png >Block.

Tip: You can edit your channel to turn off commenting or show only comments that you approve.

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