Create a BBM channel

Before you begin: Channels that you create are associated with your BlackBerry ID and can't be transferred to another BlackBerry ID.

When you create a channel, you can share your perspective and connect with a wider community in BBM about a variety of subjects through posts and comments. You can update your channel profile picture, name, and status to let people know what's happening.

You can create both public and private channels. For each channel, you control how subscribers can interact with you by specifying chat hours or restricting comments.

  1. Click Create a channel.
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To approve comments before they are added to your channel, select the Approve subscriber comments checkbox.
    • To prevent people from joining your channel without an invitation from you in BBM, select the Private Channel checkbox. You can't change this option later.
  4. Click Create.

To edit your channel, clickNSpm1I416wOuFM052kUnBJ06yD3JFI-9HA.png.

Change your channel profile

Your channel profile can make an impression on people and influence whether or not they join your channel.

  1. In your channel settings, change any of the following fields:
    • Status Message. You can use this field to update your channel status for updates that you don't want to add as posts.
    • Profile Picture. The channel picture often serves as the first impression that people have of your channel.
    • Description. The channel description is the text that people see when they join your channel.
    • Channel Name. The channel name is the name that appears with your posts and comments.
  2. Click Save.

About verified channels

BlackBerry reviews BBM Channels across a variety of subjects on an ongoing basis and might identify some channels as verified, but you can't request this identification specifically.

The fBuSczPgifyH3ikU8EKROYH52PJkM5KckA.png icon identifies channels with authoritative content from people, brands, and services as verified channels.

Delete your channel

If you delete your channel, the channel and all of its data no longer appear in BBM.

Note: You can't restore deleted channels.

In your channel, click -MYFJxZn193PTYTEXDw-vrsgrolCc8PX2g.png.

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