What sounds can I set for BBM?

BBM uses the current sound settings for your device. You can change the volume to adjust how loud the classic BBM tone plays. In BBM, you can customize your notifications by doing the following:

  1. Tap FJeCODCj8FUowyIp2-_jj372lYgka4W-UQ.png > 6LUAOM0MKbC4eJV7JUACRVRmzPxwDKK43w.png > Notifications.
  2. Tap Notifications and do any of the following:
    • To have your device vibrate when you receive a new BBM message, set the Vibrate switch to On.
    • To use a different sound for BBM, tap the Tone field.

If you don't hear a sound or vibration when receiving a ping, check your sound settings.

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