Start a private chat

Keep your sensitive chats discreet with private chats. In a private chat, your contact's name is hidden, and new message notifications are turned off. Your chat is automatically deleted after a short time, or when you end the private chat.

  1. In a chat, tap  .
  2. Tap Start Private Chat.
This will send a request to the person you wish to start a private chat with. If you return to a different page outside of the private chat within the app, the private chat will be deleted if the user does not return in 1 minute. The private chat will show up in BBM Chats screen.

When you are in a private chat, you can only use timed messages, attach a photo from your camera, attach a photo from your gallery, and send your location. You can end the chat early by tapping  .

You cannot take a screenshot in a private chat.

Share a contact

If you would like to recommend the person you are chatting with to add a person in your contacts list, you can do the following:

  1. In a chat, tap  .
  2. Tap  .

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