Start a BBM chat

You can chat in real time with your BBM contacts and know when someone has read your message.

  1. TapJacpBNacH5_HoxnMHlhkyUuN_R3drfV5Pg.png.
  2. Tap a contact. If you can't find particular contacts, they might be pending contacts or might have recently changed their name.
  3. Type your message.
  4. TapBa0Tz3rix5GKCCBuXEPzDvO7ptN01oiwPA.png. Do any of the following:
    • To add an emoticon, scroll down.
    • To add a sticker, tap a sticker tab. Scroll down, left, or right.
    • To buy stickers, tapvRa_jmAZtEszmTu7lDZDQ_EKM0cpX3kGaQ.png.
  5. Do any of the following:
    • To add a picture, voice note, or other file, tapalIs7Xt1oZYJVcfQXlgAot2J9v5CPOsf1g.png.
    • To ping someone, tapIai78_oSWN3yutlgkUMjhfM_ia3Q1Q_yOQ.png > ping.

Tip: If you receive a picture, you can tap Request HD to request a picture of a higher quality that you can save.

Send a timed message or picture

You can send messages and pictures that can be viewed for a specified amount of time. The item is hidden in the chat until you touch and hold to reveal it. After the timer expires, the content can't be viewed.

  1. After typing a message or attaching a picture, tap9JLowRECcVCwfuB1HOXQqf2Ez2LNJgLdKw.png.
  2. Select how many seconds you want the other person to be able to view the item for.
  3. Tap Send or OK.
BBM is designed to alert you if the person takes a screen shot of the timed item. If you don't want to see the l-xnhKdZxb17W3Q6Px3ZZMNi4XXDU3rasw.png icon in chats, you can change your BBM options.

Pin a contact to Start

You can pin BBM contacts to the Start screen for quick access to people you chat with regularly.

In a chat, tap khHcSYATfU8g2KuTtTKkZJWUBfQ5GGGxEA.png.

Chat with more people

Have something that you want to share with multiple BBM contacts? You can start a multiperson chat or send a broadcast message to let people know your news at the same time.
Do one of the following:
  • To start a new chat with multiple contacts, tap t3mM2z1KRx0YapcfWuA-6VNAAmAPqDUbFg.png.
  • To send the same message to multiple contacts, tap gs0Qm9nTCuKsMW8kB3yLiH0gpwFbmA88_Q.png.

Tip: In an existing chat, you can invite more contacts to the conversation by tapping YrEeFxDzCDxxpVx5mHIUld6Zy7GPOTmu-g.png > invite more.

View your chat history

You can scroll up in an active chat to view messages that you sent or received. BBM can show up to 10,000 messages for each contact. With a file manager app, you can browse pictures or files that a BBM contact shared if you saved them to your device.

If you want to view recent messages after you end a chat, you can change your BBM options.

  1. Tap pSRWKE-qzKzC0N1DdAOyu3An88mqbLi7Xw.png > settings > chats.
  2. Turn on the Save Chat History switch.

Tip: You can copy notes to another app or share the chat history using email by tapping 3a1gY-7gtuBS4kCmoCqmGO6nyyz2RWVamw.png.

Your BBM settings, including your chat history, aren't saved when you switch devices or reinstall BBM.

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