Organize your contacts

If you have many contacts, you can organize them into categories. For example, you can create a category for family.

  1. On the contacts screen, create a category:
    1. Tap yy0uXcGFSGB-GIADc1yZyUc1lIR29k9NNQ.png > add category.
    2. Type a category name.
    3. Tap LqBIMEYSNXTe0kObCIpTaUawwPpyOekgwQ.png.
  2. Move contacts into the category:
    1. Tap Gim01TVfEPAmAWlaHubLAn77rO6S4gTWqQ.png.
    2. Select one or more contacts.
    3. Tapy2GT044La1D1x5ABm9HnonGXsKLYgJp_tA.png.
    4. Tap a category.
If you want to delete a category, move the contacts out of it first. Then, tap yy0uXcGFSGB-GIADc1yZyUc1lIR29k9NNQ.png > edit / delete category. Touch and hold the category. Tap delete.

Rename a contact

If you have a few contacts with similar names, you can type a new name for the contact on the profile screen.
  1. Touch and hold a name.
  2. Tap view BBM profile.
  3. Type a new name for the contact.

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