Retract, Edit, or Delete a BBM Message

If you didn't mean to send a particular message, you can retract it. When you retract a message, it no longer appears on your device or your contact's device.

If you want to remove the messages from your device only, you can delete a message. When you delete a message, it still appears on your contact's device.

  1. In a chat, touch and hold a message or picture that you sent.
  2. Tap Delete
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To delete the message or picture from your device only, tap Delete.
    • To retract the message from your contact's device, tap Retract. 

Tip: you can also retract or delete a sticker by doing the same actions.

Clear or Retract all Messages in a Chat

When you end a chat with a contact, you can retract all the messages that you sent in the chat. When you clear a chat means that the chat will be deleted from your device. When you retract a chat, all the messages you sent in that chat no longer appear on your device or your contact's device.

  1. In a chat, tap
  2. Tap
  3. Tap Retract Chat or Clear Chat.

Edit message improvement

When user edits a message, the edited message will not be retracted and stays in the original position. Here’s how you do it :

  1. Send a message
  2. Long press on the text then choose ‘Edit’ the sent message and send the edited message again.
  3. The edited message should stay in its original bubble position.

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