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No video call

Why thats all my frindes can call a vid call except me i have a huawei p8 lite phone but i cant make a video calls why

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Hi, I have the same problem but I have a Huawei P10. Before it I had a Nexus 5 and I was able to make a videocall. Now it is not available. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.

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Why I can't use video call on my BBm? Until so many time I change account BBm still can't, why??? Please help me!!
I have p8 lite but I cant do video calling

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I just switched from Priv to a Huawei P10 plus. I had no problem with BBM vedio call before between iOS user and myself. Now i don't have video chat button. Why? I tried everything. Reinstalled the app as well. Please help!!!
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I have the same problem (HUAWEI MATE 10 PRO) I think its an issue in huawei devices not bbm's
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