Yang baru di BBM

The new features for BBM 3.0 include the following:

  • Create a BlackBerry ID and sign in to BBM using your phone number.
  • Easily find options and settings with a redesigned BBM settings screen.
  • Stop receiving new message notifications from some group chats for a selected amount of time.
  • Start a BBM group chat, and share and view pictures, lists, and calendar events within a group chat.
  • Retract pictures, stickers, and other file types after you send them to a BBM contact.
  • Start a BBM video chat with other contacts who are using an Android™ or iOS device. This feature is now available worldwide.
  • Delete all your active BBM chats from the Chats screen.
  • Send longer videos to your BBM contacts with improved video compression.
  • Add your BBM contacts to the contacts app on your device.

Tip: If you are traveling or roaming, you can use BBM over a Wi-Fi connection to help avoid extra data charges.

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