Create a BBM channel

When you create a public channel or private channel, you can share your perspective with the BBM community in posts, comments, and chats. You can change your channel profile picture, name, and status to let people know what's happening, specify chat hours, or restrict comments.

Channels that you create can't be transferred to another person.

  1. Tap Eyq2rEaVRe4uMu-bTrikmVNhmM4h9QjI2w.png orTQEQYer4xb1WtTxWD4CqVk3LktQNHftE6g.png >74cxT3TeUQZSoCjW0vjL0Oqrc-pkkToB7w.png.
  2. Tap TgK8kQmOYwL1g_KnqlToiSUta8y9miJLmA.png >Gc6PkTnKy0lZJbM1KMlWYQLwhRW8jtJUAQ.
  3. Complete the following:
    • Select a picture.
    • Type a channel name.
    • Select a category.
  4. To control who can join your channel, turn on the Private Channel switch. You can't change this option later.
  5. Tap Save.
To access your channel on a computer, visit and sign in using your BlackBerry ID.

Edit your channel

Your channel posts and channel profile can help influence whether or not people join your channel. From the channel settings, you can turn on or turn off BBM chats and specify chat hours.

  1. Open a channel that you created.
  2. To change your channel profile or details, at the top of the screen, tap the channel picture or name.
  3. To change your channel settings, tap iVaXX35aJMtgiK4E0xwlzVUicx-m-4Hrkw.png >vdIR5AoNouXI_c2oMlGug2IFqLVjuX6klQ.png.
  4. To specify chat hours, in your channel settings make sure that the Allow BBM Chats With You switch is set to On. Then, beside the Chat Hours field, tap Always Available and set the switch to Off.

Tip: After chats are turned off for the day, you can finish your conversation in any chats that are still open.

View subscribers and statistics

You can view data on how people discovered your BBM channel and what posts are the most active. People can see your posts when they preview your channel, but they must join your channel if they want to like or comment on your posts.

  1. In a channel that you created, tap Stats.
  2. To view your current subscribers, tap Subscribers.

About verified channels

BlackBerry reviews BBM Channels across a variety of subjects on an ongoing basis and might identify some channels as verified, but you can't request this identification specifically.

The gU0S7SoF8T5bfVrChZF2-hNAhyTuLtRbbw.png icon identifies channels with authoritative content from people, brands, and services as verified channels.

Delete your channel

If you delete a BBM channel that you created, you can't restore the channel or its data.

In a channel that you created, tap u_LZNv7bGYwO3osiWNujuqar9hnSIDtvaQ.png >k6GZ0OtjvlBSs1uamfyh9AV2TZmW57WHTg.png.

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