Download and buy stickers

Visit the BBM Shop to download or buy stickers to use in your BBM chats!
  1. TapJoa1aPDZBUP3twW8t4HK-dBcNzlQ6lDi6Q.png or75yz2lZMMUCDekAb7kfeEM0WaimXDdNtYg.png >aVLZND69tfqRWbfkYErnrulzv2yu__9KWQ.png.
  2. Tap a sticker pack.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap a price.
To restore purchased stickers, tap gJtCYI8LEqN2mN18E-TUfv9obuydFVkXdw.png >nET3WTlGHpRlFzPopXH4CGQOTeD_qeM0Ow.png.

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