Hide feeds from a BBM contact, group, or channel

You can stop seeing notifications of updates from BBM contacts, channels, and groups. For example, you can hide feeds when contacts change their BBM status or picture.
  1. TapGhMk3X-v4MayeD_FJ088UB-0xoXTAKImlQ.png.
  2. Touch and hold a name.
  3. TapAre8pK0iirXoQx62GOYph3lpQYhjj99A_Q.png.
  4. If you hide feeds for a contact, select an option. Tap OK.
To restore the feeds, in your BBM settings, tap Blocked Contacts and Feeds > Feeds. Touch and hold a name. TapDYHfd4-ElUrRu55RkJXpiNhjA9CIdV64tA.png.

Block sponsored content

You can block content or invites, such as content from a sponsored channel, in BBM.

  1. Touch and hold a sponsored item.
  2. Tap7mvJQ36-3CIxQgeDr1gYfjXwXapmIWpVFA.png.

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