View your BBM Channels notifications

You can view all of your notifications for the channels that you joined or created. For example, you can see when people reply to your comment or like your post.

  1. Tap

    1uGsIEXw3mFOadhgyBJShyz_NzH0_k9zDw.png orqoy4FZHT7DV-28GiAdFxU5p2V9xvpkW8hQ.png >PqTdLS3M8cjMJ-NB3wMNy3rqx-tQZQO0ow.png.

  2. Tap Notifications.

Tip: To mark a channel as a favorite so that you don't miss new posts, touch and hold a channel. TapOqbvsL_kPxN_RwfSu82AwvhAX2CPGpH02Q.png. On a BlackBerry device running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 or later, new posts also appear in the BlackBerry Hub.

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