Change your BBM status or profile

Let your BBM contacts know what you're doing or share your mood by changing your BBM name, status, or picture.

  1. Tap raocJDaRphxIjwTByM2ivIJqguGOK0WuLQ.png.
  2. Tap your picture or name.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To change the name that your contacts see, next to your name, tap UkbWdZowY4WAdCN644Jcwkdm71414CsbBQ.png.
    • To change your BBM picture, tap your current picture. Tap Zm5mqd_UaI-uGxwKW17FzIIZ4aSD5FYALA.png. Select a new picture or animated GIF to use as your BBM picture.
    • In the What's on your mind? field, type a status.
    • To show the lKR2yNZ1PBIKYUfR1Jx0x4rGp7pUKUusCQ.png icon beside your name, next to Status, tap 4qhLcvCNGX_1mgSCyyDGmSadiSWdadJDsQ.png > Busy.

Save a status for later

  1. Next to Status, tap apGwTn_sBf9UOXr3tgnZQHwV48SA2QbV1Q.png > Add New.
  2. Type a status that you want to save and use again.
  3. To show the cg_ck4RE-JkEgy_-J-DVpRM9WZgU56JyQg.png icon beside your name when you select the status, select the Busy check box.
  4. Tap Add.
You can select your custom status in the Status field.

Show your location

To help your contacts know when you might be unavailable to chat, in BBM you can show the country that you're in and the local time.

  1. Tap b1gHoPjPHn9gwtFuyLIhr-2hxQ8sbrl4aA.png > eVp2PI5-Li7kWroziXC-ftlc4ycNUpYutw.png > Account.
  2. Turn on the Show My Country and Time switch.

Show what you're listening to

BBM can change your status message to display the song title and artist when you're listening to music. When you're done listening to music, your status message returns to the last status message that you typed.

  1. Tap 68Jnt-MDCZeAwaYRy8QSNOAI6q6F6_xFdQ.png > c4aniBSDDjuGcJKW20GB8fdLEmgB9mmOaw.png > Account.
  2. Turn on the Show What I'm Listening To switch.

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