Organize your BBM contacts

If you have many contacts, you can organize them into categories. For example, you can create a category for family.

  1. On the Contacts screen, touch and hold a name.
  2. Tap Move Contact.
  3. Tap a category, or tap rmxH4MthXZy00IQ3h9jtxzD4DJ8yXRLQbA.png to create a category.
To delete a category, move the contacts out of it first. Then, touch and hold the category name and tap 0wmh7hjvCXdNlftpmYHNeSBqkDqCHwA4BQ.png.

View someone's BBM profile

You can view contact details in someone's BBM profile.

  1. Touch and hold a name.
  2. Tap pBx8tZ_sz9feacVEECUSRQStjuo5WiWHXg.png.

Tip: If you have a few contacts with similar names, you can type a new name for the contact on this screen.

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